Dec 3, 2009

currently it's still spm, but imma pretend that its over for today :)

newsflash aisyah hanis, if you continue eating like a pig on crack you're gonna roll over someday and die all buncit like. -___-

but it's not like i can help it, maybe it's the stress. funny though, i've never thought of myself as someone who pigs out when she's stressed. i probably thought i was more the zombie type, sitting all gloomy in one corner. huh, guess you never really know yourself too well, huh?

i was browsing through youtube and i found these totally cool covers by a guy Gabe and glorialeemusic, who looks a whole lot like Jasmine, well maybe in my opinion. i always admire people who sing good and play guitar well. maybe coz i really dont, haha.

spm hasn't really been a walk in the park, but it's alright i guess.

not much to report, just thought i'd stop by and leave a bit of youthful me behind. i have a feeling that part of me will be gone soon, sob sniff. out with the old, in with the new eh ?

but i hate change...

currently enjoying:

  • game - modern warfare 2 (haha i had no idea ni pun COD stupid me) putumayam, ramasami, zifullah fil alam! haha, si buntal faiz je faham ni kot :D
  • anime - kimi ni todoke :)
  • manga - dengeki daisy bykbyk yeahhh fluffness! xD

Nov 1, 2009

morning sunshine,

it is officially 19 days to spm and i am... blogging.

they say ignorance is bliss. well, i don't think i'm ignorant but pretending to be should be 1/2 of the bliss right ? righht ? haih, im crapping la. things have been pretty weird for me lately. i eat like a pig high on coke. yesterday was the prefect's annual dinner. i ate like a barbarian. :D it was my last, and it was pretty memorable for me even though i seriously think the teachers have absolutely whacky fashion senses, but must probably be much like mine. i got some kid's purple tupperware drawer from togoyo (momoyo, togomo sheesh i can't remember) and Nasha is convinced the kid snatched it from home and without his mother's knowledge wrapped it in pathetic black paper. That goes to show that you should NEVER go for the biggest present when its present swapping time. Geez echa, when have you become so greedy ? big things come in small packages eh ? at least i think that's how the saying goes. my memory plays tricks on me sometimes.

anyhow, i had a fun enough time. we practiced for the freaking form5 performance about 4 hours before the dinner and we messed it up pretty bad. my peeps singing seemed to have forgotten my instructions about waiting for me to get past the intro before singing in their anxiety. i don't blame them, i suck at giving instructions. so a couple of times i had to stop strumming altogether and try again, always pairing the wrong chords with the lyrics. they kept singing too fast, then too slow at times. it was 'orrible. but watteheck, we had fun messing up the show.

okay, so this morning i woke up and read The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger that Mama bought for me yesterday. i'm 3/4 done with the book and its pretty fun, though i find the idea of having a time travelling boyfriend very lonesome. Kudos to Clare because i can't imagine living that way, especially when Henry finally became her husband. rightttt, enough about the book, i checked my facebook to see if anyone uploaded anything from yesterday and came across this downright faggot of a prefect.

seriously, i'm dedicating a whole paragraph for him. okay, so here goes. dear Mr. faggot-with-no-balls i find that the status you have written on your facebook to be extremely stupid not to mention downright annoying. may i remind you that it is not the junior's fault that we, your peers from form5, treat you like shit. this treatment is the result of years of swallowing your enormous ego and bossiness. i will not apologize for standing up for a friend who wanted to get a point across while you kept blabbering crap and wouldn't let him finish. may i also remind you that when i snapped, you snapped back at me with the most stupidest thing, the ONLY thing that i guess you could think of and when we bickered, you left the place in a huff because you couldn't think of anything to say back. (this gives me a bit of pride hihi i've never stood up to anyone much) and now you wanna bitch about the juniors going to you for help for the whole prefect dinner thing ? grow up la a-hole, mcm tak biasa je dengan dunia ni. what's the whole deal with the whiny 'korg dtg kt aku kalau nk guna aku je...' wake up and smell the tuber roses zaaarling, being alive is all about using people. hypocrite la if you say you were different. then again we're all hypocrites. so why dont you stop whining, stop the self-pitying and try to get along with your fellow hypocrites for once.

whoa, that was a lot off my chest. now im feeling happpppyyy again weee :)

to the juniors who made yesterday happen, thanks a bunch for everything. i couldn't have imagined a more wonderful dinner to end my school years with. lots of hugs from your unstable, stuttering and suka-tak-tugas senior.

currently enjoying:

  • game - borderlands, all hail the mighty siren :D
  • anime - none at the moment, no time -___-
  • manga - waiting for Dengeki Daisy to be updated :(

Sep 27, 2009

raya ?

well, so much for going around and collecting duit raya. all i've pretty much done this holiday is sit at home and EAT. oh gosh i sound like a slob. then again i shouldn't be surprised, it's been like this since forever. duduk rumah and layan org datang. and also i've been doing a pretty good job of ignoring the fact that spm is just around the corner (pfft who cares) and realizing that im screwed (oh shit I CARE)

the brots (bros+brats?) have decided to buy themselves an xbox360 and i took no part in the buying but am an active user of the console hehe. the sad part about it is that it has no harvest moon! :( saad. another let down is the controller. whoever heard of leftbumper and lefttrigger? i've gotten used to the playstation series controllers so its extremely annoying. not to mention the x button is now situated on the LEFT instead of at the BOTTOM; very confusing especially in panicky situations.

so, since the xbox is the brots', i dont really have any games of my own. but the good news is i get to pick at theirs hehe. the one i'm currently hooked on is resident evil 5 :D i wouldn't really have the guts to play this alone since im a girly girl (bats eyelashes) but since there's cooperative mode, i've been massacring zombies of all sizes with The Teacher (brother #1) I do kind of like the game, since its pretty cool. but i hate it that i have to aim with the analog stick which is such a super hassle and i almost always miss. i prefer the mouse which is why left4dead is one of my all time favorites. its also annoying that when aiming, you cant move.. even when ur aiming your knife at someone. i'd much prefer being able to run around slashing at zombies... x]

since im a gone case at aiming, i loove the knife hehe, and when u get more money by selling valuable gems u find while playing u can buy a STUN ROD (oh my love) which is really effective when fighting against native africans with spears and shields. heck, its more effective than shooting with an upgraded handgun (firepower almost 250 mind you) since it breaks their shields and stops them from mutating. for the weaker ones, it takes only one hit to kill. The Teacher loves using his shotgun but im heaps more friendly. i love meeting them head on and electrocuting them with the rod.

oh yeah, about the controls.. it gets annoying when in the game during an interactive scene and you're instructed to press certain buttons in the nick of time to survive. for example, we were facing a gang of native zombies on motorbikes (zombie rempit!) and the x button flashed on the screen. instantly, dgn penuh yakin, i pressed the bottom button and got rammed to death. The Teacher turned to me and gave me a look. 'Aku dah tekan la!' was my defense. 'Tu A button la bukan X, bodoh' -__- so we repeated this a couple of times.

currently enjoying:
  • game - harvest moon back to nature on The Topman's psp (brother #2)
  • anime - none since the tv is downstairs for raya
  • manga - vampire knight

Sep 17, 2009

heeee crazy fangirl,

dengeki daisy is the best manga everrrrrrrr :'D
haha im such a shoujo freak haha i shud read more action, eh ? -__-'

currently enjoying:
  • game - harvest moon boy and girl from ap :)
  • anime - ultramaniac is still in the dvd player..
  • manga - haha the hilarious dengeki daisy!

Sep 13, 2009


well, sorry la. i get bored easy, hehehe.

things i MUST do;

  1. study study study spm is around the corner -__-
  2. clean the room which currently looks like the aftermath of katrina
  3. figure out what the heck i want to do in life..
things i am NOT doing;
  1. studying
  2. cleaning the room
  3. thinking about my future
oh crap im screwed.

currently enjoying:
  • anime - another rerun of ultramaniac for those scary nights alone,
  • manga - kimi ni todoke
  • game - harvest moon fomt ;)